1. Who can take part in the Draw A Design
  2. This competition is open to all amateur and professional jewelry designers as well as students and graduates from all jewelry design disciplines.

  3. What is the entry fee to the competition?
  4. There is no entry fee to participate in Draw A Design.

  5. How to take part in the competition?
  6. Entries can be submitted online from 1st March to 15th April 2023.
    Online: Register and submit your entries through our official website.

  7. Can I participate in more than one category of the competition?
  8. Yes.

  1. What will be the judging process?
  2. The Draw A Design endeavors to run a systematic and rigorous judging process. In preliminary round, the jury will review all the entries and evaluate each piece of work according to the agreed judging criteria. Those who are selected for the final stage of the competition will be notified of the details by email. The result will be released in April 2023.

  1. What are the prizes of the competition?
  2. Significant cash prize to the top 3 winners of the competition of amount 1,00,000/- , 50,000/- & 25,000/- respectively

  3. Is it possible to win prizes in all categories?
  4. Yes. Entries of Draw A Design will be evaluated anonymously, impartially and ethically based on the judging criteria.

  1. If my entry does not qualify for the preliminary stage, is the organizer allowed to use my entry for any other purpose?
  2. Please Refer Terms of Use.

  3. If I win the competition, can I sell or engage in any business activity with my entries?
  4. No, Please refer Terms of Use for more clarification.

  5. Can I submit my previously awarded entries for this competition?
  6. The same design or a new draft of the same design of a winning entry in other competitions will NOT be accepted & if found then the participant will be disqualified.

  7. What other materials can be included in the entries?
  8. Entries should include the appropriate material as the predominant material of the piece according to the category's entrants submitted to. No other materials from any endangered animals can be used in your design.