Draw A Design

A Platform for next gen Jewelry Designers

Promoting Creative Minds

Result of our First Online Design Competition is out. See the winners names here


Draw A Design showcases exceptional ingenuity and innovation by recognizing the best talent in jewelry designing & honoring the designers by providing them high-level exposure as artists. With international scope, these awards serve as a sincere effort to encourage the concept of design excellence, building a platform for designers to exchange jewelry design techniques globally.

Draw A Design invites jewelry designers across India to harness their passion and imagination by creating modern and unique designs that reflect their perspective.


For Draw A Design, we have selected four categories that are popular for their timeless appeal, functionality, attitude, & durability.


Winners of Draw A Design Award will gain international recognition. Their profiles as a jewelry designer will inspire innovation. Designers and lapidaries whose work receives Draw A Design Awards will garner worldwide exposure too.

Positions 1st, 2nd & 3rd are only benchmarks. *Exceptional designs may be used for our exuberant collection. In such a scenario, the designers will be rewarded accordingly.

The winners, along with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners-up across the four categories will also receive:

Cash Prize

Significant Cash prize to the top 3 winners of each category of amount 1,00,000/- , 51,000/- & 21,000/- respectively

Media Publicity

Invaluable publicity through media and fashion magazines

Exclusive Photo Shoot

An exclusive photo shoot of all winning designs

Trip to UK & US

An all-expense paid visit to US and UK facilities of VGL

Brand Exposure

Instant exposure to the popular brands in the gem and jewelry industry

Center-Stage at Finale

Become center-stage at an eventful evening to celebrate the finale of Draw A Design


The Jury of Draw A Design comprises renowned personalities from the world of jewelry, fashion & media. The entries will be judged on authoritative benchmark, establishing that the very best design talents are recognized.



Preeta Agarwal is a New Delhi based jewellery specialist who dedicates a majority of her time to writing about fine jewellery for her award-winning blog ‘Bejewelled Finds’; and for various leading international jewellery journals like The Jewellery Editor, Rapaport, Solitaire Singapore, Forbes India, VO+, Make In India and more. A trained jewellery designer and a photographer, she has also authored five books on high jewellery. Her company ‘Preeta Agarwal Workroom’ is a one stop shop where she provides exclusive services for the world of fine jewellery in brand consultation (Branding, marketing and events), brand promotion, jewellery styling, creative content for books and magazines, collection conceptualization, PR & communications and guidance in social media, design & trends.

Preeta Agarwal - Jewellery Specialist